Friday, 20 March 2015

What to expect from science in next 50 years

If you were 50 years ago someone said that 2015 will be quite normal owning a 3D printer, the person you're talking to not only looked pale, but wondered what it is a printer, what is 3D and what all it serves. However, this is only one thing we can be grateful to science. And what we are still expected in the future...

1. Teleportation

Although today it sounds unbelievable, scientists have been able to teleport particles from point A to point B, and the distance of exactly 10 meters. Who knows how far will teleport that for 50 years ...

2. Light which is operated

This is hard to describe, but believe it or not, the light can tie a knot. This can be achieved with the help of holograms which direct the light in a certain path and thereby give the impression that the light was detached in space, but in fact when it creates an optical illusion, for which is again responsible science.

3. Objects that evolve by themselves

By this does not mean the Darwinian evolution, but the one that is yet to come. Today, there are 3D printers, and we all know what they are. But did you know that there is a 4D printer? It "print" objects that can  developed independently. For example, draw the ball, which eventually evolved into

4. Black holes in the laboratory

Today it is difficult to know exactly how black holes work, how they look or what properties they have. However, the scientists were able to replicate the conditions necessary for the formation of black holes and thus produce a true black hole, of course - under controlled conditions.

5. Stop the light
Einstein was the first scientist to realize that nothing can travel faster than light, but also never said that light can not slow down! Scientists at Harvard University have managed to reduce the speed of light at only 20 miles per hour. To make things even more dramatic, and even managed to stop light at a single point.
6. Production of antimatter
Matter and antimatter can not exist side by side. When they get together - offset each other (annihilation), with the release of large amounts of energy in the form of gamma rays or other particles. Despite the many controversies whether antimatter will "swallow" the earth - scientists have managed to create antimatter.
7. Telepathy
If you follow the SciFi movies know that telepathy is a science that is still not well understood, to be able to confirm or deny the facts. However, telepathy is possible, and this is proven by scientists when they operated on the brain of rats, and manage it successfully.


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